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I will tell you why people are doing mistakes while performing bench press and all the information I will tell you in my passage.

Most reason are there when doing bench press your chest is not activate there are so many

reason may be your posture is not good, your technique is not proper and your form.

so let discuss below the mistake in bench press.



So I usually saw that people don’t do is not warming up they directly perform exercise .that is not good .

firstly let your body know that you are in gym. let give some stress to body then your body will response

 I saw people they come in gym and straight away performing the heavy workout. guys while doing that you will surely be get injured.

So, guys keep in mind while performing workout first do 10-15 minute of warm up and go for your exercise


So while doing bench press you should note few point while performing flat bench press your gluts touches the bench.

there is little gap between gluts and back and

your head touches the bench and your grip while doing bench press

it should not be wide because it will affect on your shoulder. so grip should be neutral so because of small mistakes your strength, muscle development is stagnant.

so these mistakes don’t do while performing the bench press.

3. Range of motion and path of the bar

So first of all I would like to tell you about the path of bar when you lift the bar relax and

when its go down your bar touches the nipple of chest and sternum and again push upward and relax

Now coming to a range of motion most of the people what they do is a half range of motion and because of that, there is an injury in the shoulder and no muscle development.

you don’t have to lock your elbow and there is less activation of triceps also.


Many times I heard from people that their chest is not growing the reason behind that they perform only once in a week if you know that it is your weak part then you hit twice in a week give some variation in it

For example, the first time when you perform chest exercise

don’t go heavy but go for failure and the next time goes for heavy. Bring variation in your exercise it will help in growing your muscle.

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