what are the biggest bodybuilding myth

March 26, 2021 0 Comments

when we were younger,how many times did we hear, lifting weights affect your growth or don’t eat before bed or you will get fat.there are so many bodybuilding myth that are still around us

It is such an interesting thing . is different for everyone .it is also a bodybuilding myth that if you don’t have big muscles you are not fit. Fitness is not like that.

There are different goals of every person like some are muscular, some are aesthetics and some are fatty. From my point of view people with natural physique is quite attractive but you don’t want to be so ripped

Now we are going to talk about the myths which are as follows

1. You need a lot of money for bodybuilding

It is a myth that it needs so much of money in this sport .It means if you spend more money than your body is built. It is false. People told that if you don’t eat supplement, non veg you don’t built body .No it is wrong

 I have seen many people who are vegetarian and still they have good body So money is not necessary. Dedication, discipline is necessary .work hard, do some cardio, eat proper food, eat vegetable, drink water

And most important is sleep you must sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours every night because in this process your growth hormone release and it is because of growth hormone your body grow. so concentrate on basics: Good protein, good carbohydrates, clean fats, more sleep ,less junk, less sugar and resistance training 

2. Gymming will affect your height

This is also a wrong concept from my point of view so people wait for 18 year of age or 23 years of age for gym .You know how your height stagnant because of more strain,  pressure, stress. you know your height grow for male till age 21 and for female it is of age 18

.It is good that you are going gym because of that your body stimulate

.so when you do workout or exercise don’t go for many hours specially for teenagers and don’t go high intensity workout and if you don’t know the form for exercise it also damage your body and it also affect on your height growth.

3. You don’t need a trainer

Of course you don’t .guys there are so many channels in YouTube regarding training but you must follow the proper people in that also.

I mean who studied well in that field  you may learn the proper exercise technique how to perform an exercise  you study the proper rest between set ,the proper food you eat. All basic things which helps in growing your body.

4. You need non-veg to built your body

People say so many times if you are vegetarian it is not possible to built body it is also a wrong .people also say you have to put more money I mean eat eggs ,meat.

Guys don’t worry don’t hear these people .guys I meet so many people who are vegetarian and still they have good body and getting ripped on vegetarian diet needs discipline and dedication.

So guys never give up and focus on your goal and achieve and stay fit

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